We Connect Real Estate Owners with Suitable Real Estate Agents in their Area

How does it work?

Providing real estate owner leads

Real estate owners apply to us on our application forms or reach out to us through other channels as a result of our marketing activities (advertising, collaborations, outreach etc.).

We adjust the intensity of our marketing activities in regions with established partnerships to calibrate the amount of real estate owner applications (leads), so that:

1) our partners (agencies/agents) would receive enough leads in their pipeline,
2) and could handle the amount in a timely manner as well - in order there would not be a big time period between owner application and agent reaching out to them and provide service.

When real estate owners apply to us, we connect them with appropriate specialists in their area.

Connecting with appropriate real estate specialists

We research specialists in the area, interview them and create partnerships based on which ones are the most trustworthy, capable and overall most pleasant to interact with.

Speed of reaching out to leads directly impacts conversion rates and customer satisfaction - thus reviews and ability to attract new applications. 

This is why we not only look for a good will and motivation in our partners, we as well understand the workflow and processes of their service delivery and sales, so that when we connect real estate owner to an agent/agency, then we know they are in a good hands and will be well taken care of.

For Real Estate Agents

We connect you (real estate agents / agencies) with real estate owners.

And we help & train you to improve your sales process and turn more leads into customers faster.

For Real Estate Owners

We connect you with real estate specialists that help you realize your wishes and plans.

We make sure they are reliable, pleasant and suited to your needs.